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Monday, April 30, 2007

More Music Meme!

Stolen from Tosy because he steals from me.

What was the first recorded music you bought?
Beatles VI from the Capitol Record Club. I got 11 for one cent, but the one I paid for was that one. My sisters, neighbor and I lipsynched to this one. The others: Beatles' Second Album, Beatles '65, Something New-the Beatles, Best of herman's Hermits, Daydream-Lovin' spoonful, Big hits from England and the USA, Goldfinger-Billy Strange. I forget the rest.

What was the last?
David Bromberg - Wanted: Dead or Alive. It features a song called "The Holdup", which also appears on an earlier album, written by Bromberg and some guy named George Harrison.. This version, backed by members of the Grateful Dead, has a mariachi break in the middle.

What was the first "professional" music show you ever went to?
Quite possibly Seals & Crofts, Nov 12, 1971 with the Okie. Love makes you do strange things.

What was the last?
Sean Lennon, April 10, 2007. I even know his birthday: October 9, 1975.

What's your "desert island" album?
Never easy. Revolver (Beatles), I suppose. No, Rubber Soul (Beatles). No wait, Still Crazy after All These Years (Paul Simon). Of course, it has to be Pet Sounds (Beach Boys). What was the question?

What's your favorite album/song title?
Rubber Soul. Makes more sense as a result of some Anthology dialogue.

What's your favorite album art (include an image of it if you can)?
Sgt. Pepper. Often imitated.

Ideal choice for a karaoke song?
Take Me to the River.

Song you don't like that WILL NOT LEAVE YOUR HEAD if you hear it.
My Sharona-the Knack. Dammit. It's mot that I don't like it; it's that I'm embarrassed to like it.

Which is cooler? -- Vinyl? CD? Cassette? 8-track?
Vinyl is definitely "cooler". I never owned an 8-track. Most of my music is on CD.


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