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Thursday, April 05, 2007


You know how a tune can get stuck in your head, in all likelihood. One of my racquetball buddies has a sibling who was on The Price is Right. Guess which theme song I started whistling, and quite well, I might add?

But sometimes these things come to mind for no discernible reason. What on earth lodged "I Think I Love You" by the Partridge Family in my brain? I seldom watched the show, I never owned any of their music, and I hadn't heard it recently, at least consciously. (Was it background music in a store or a telephone hold button?) So I'm suddenly dissecting the amazingly bizarre rhyming pattern of a song that I don't especially like:
So what am I so afraid of
Afraid that I'm not sure of
A love there is no cure for
(If this is wrong, I don''t really need to know; that's how I remember it.)

I bring this up because I need new tune suggestions. Mr. Lefty Brown, as mentioned before, has sent me a year-long subscription to his favorite music site, eMusic. This means 15 songs a month for 12 months to download. So I ask you: what tunes do I want, that I really, really want? Can be old or new. I'm planning to use the thing as soon as I pull out my chainsaw so that I can liberate it from the industrial strength plastic cover that it's encased in.
Meanwhile, I've been thing about TV. Not so much about watching it; I'm actually watching less, because there have been a string of repeats on lately. But weird Thoughts, with apologies to Kelly Brown, who I think is somehow related to Lefty.
*Why do they have 42-minute programs, such as the wacky NBC lineup next Thursday? Is this to confound me? And if they do, why do they invariably run long, so that I need to tape the next program as well?
*Why hasn't Katie Couric caught on? It isn't just because she came from morning news/talk shows. Tom Brokaw was on NBC's Today Show, while Charles Gibson spent two shifts on ABC's Good Morning America. Is it gender? Maybe. It's true Couric's interview with Elizabeth Edwards and her husband John on 60 Minutes was rather weird, mostly because she said, "some people say" about a dozen times, thus trying to be hard-hitting, yet nice. Meanwhile, Cynthia McFadden's Nightline interview with Elizabeth Edwards and her elder daughter this week seemed genuine.
*I'm feeling a tad nostalgic. I looked at the TV Guide, and next week features series premieres, season premieres, mid-season premieres, and season finales. Can anyone really keep track? All I want to know is when does The Closer start up with new episodes, And I can't figure that out, even when I go to the website.



Greg said...

The Closer begins sometime in June, as TNT has been flogging it for a while on the reruns.

I'll have to think of some songs for you.

Tom the Dog said...

Why do they have 42-minute programs... And... why do they invariably run long, so that I need to tape the next program as well?

You answered your own question. They run programs with odd times to try to discourage you from tuning into other stations, and to try to get you to sample more of their own programming, since A) you either have to tape the next program or miss the end of the one you really wanted to see, and B) you've already missed the beginning of all the shows on the other channels anyway.

Re: Katie Couric -- I think it's because she's considered a puffball with no gravity, from the "Katie" rather than "Katherine" (or whatever it is) on down. I know that's my impression of her. "Oh, look, she's making her frowny face now, isn't that adorable? Well, time to watch a real news person instead." (Even if that "real" news person is Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert.)

Re: The Closer -- sometimes IMDb has better info than the official website. If you look at IMDb's episode list page, they show the third season begins on June 11.

Janna said...

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