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Sunday, November 01, 2009


What's the new public trend
That's a sex turnoff to all the folks?
You're damn right

What is the thing
That would risk one's rep with the brother man?
Can ya dig it?

What's the trend that won't cop out
When there are deadlines all about?
Right on

You see this meme NaBloPoMo is a bad mother--
(Shut your mouth)
But I'm talkin' about NaBloPoMo
(Then we can dig it)

It's a complicated trend
And no one understands it, man or woman

A little 3 a.m. silliness about National Blog Posting Month.

Do I NEED NaBloPoMo? Well, not exactly. As of tomorrow, November 2, I'll have blogged daily 4.5 years. I often say I'll take a day off, but I don't. It's like my father's cigarette habit; he never quit, just stopped smoking for a day, then another day until it was over 25 years. So actually, NaBloPoMo is more of a THREAT to blogging than just keeping my head down and just doing it.

I can't help but to wonder if it's all in response to National Novel Writing Month, which, perhaps not coincidentally, ALSO starts today.

Anyway, that's 1 of 30.
Oh, I'll be here today, but probably mot until 1 p.m., in case anyone cares.



Gel said...

Hi Roger,
That's quite a record to blog daily for 4.5 yrs! Congrats!
Also congrats about winning on Jeopardy. A friend of mine from high school also won lots of $ there.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and hope you visit again.

mdeals said...

That is a 1 November of NaBlPsMo.

National Blog Posting Month..Good luck to all of you.

Daniel VanRiper said...

Blog a post every day, including weekends? Phooey. I firmly reject
the obligation to blather my every random thought and daily act into
the intertubes every single day. I am proud to call myself a Slow
Blogger. Yes, just like you fast bloggers I say plenty of stupid
regrettable things. But at least I give my dumb ideas grave
consideration before I post them.

Breakfast Blogs. That what I call blogs like yours, Roger. "For
today's post I'm going to tell you what I had for breakfast this
morning! I had exactly what I told you I had for breakfast in
yesterday's post, but today I also had a big glass of orange juice!
Let me tell you how that came about!" etc.

Then again, Breakfast Blogging can be done well. I think of such
blogs as a modern version of an old fashioned journal, where one
poured one's daily thoughts into a spiral notebook that no one else
ever cared to read... unless one became a head of state or murdered a
busload of first graders. The difference is that anyone in the world
can read the modern electronic journal, no matter what it contains.
And they do read it.

I will say this. Ramblin' With Roger is my favorite Breakfast Blog,
far and away the best Breakfast Blog locally.

I will NOT write a Slow Blogging Manifesto. Far too many Slow
Bloggers have carefully and ponderously constructed manifestoes of
their own. They are all unreadable. There's even a NY Times article
about the subject that gets oft quoted. I refuse to add my stinking
declaration to this dungheap. Suffice to say that I will continue to
post maybe twice a month on my own site, and think myself a fine
fellow for doing that.