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Saturday, September 10, 2005

3 Grand ?s

National Grandparents Day is coming up tomorrow. (And here I thought it was invented by Hallmark.) Thus, the source of my queries, which, if you would kindly respond to, I'd appeciate it:

1. Are your grandparents still on this plane of existence? If not, when did the last one pass away?

2. Who was/is your favorite, and why?

3. What side of the family did you spend the most time with as a kid (visits, reunions)?


Roger Owen Green said...

1. My grandmother Gertrude Williams died on Super Bowl Sunday 1982.

2. It's a toss-up. Pop (Mac Green), who died in 1980, played gin rummy with me and took me to baseball games. Grandma Green (Agatha) taught me canasta.

3. Definitely Grandma Williams, specially her brother Ernie's four kids, who were my mother's only first cousins on that side. And my sisters and I are close to my mother's cousins' kids.

Scott said...

1. Three of my grandparents are still alive. They are all in their mid 80's and all unfortunately in failing health. The only good thing is my paternal grandmother is still sharp as a tack. The one grandparent that passed away was my maternal grandfather back in 1989 at the age of 80.

2. My maternal grandfather was my favorite. He was a big sports fan, so it was always fun to watch the games with him. Also my mom is an only child so he doted on my brothers, sister, and I.

3. We used to see both sets of grandparents every week. They lived only four blocks apart for the longest time. And since both my grandfathers served during WWII, they belonged to a local club so all four of them did a lot together for a while.

Johnny B said...

1. My maternal grandmother is still alive, and will celebrate her birthday on the 23rd of Spetember. I forget her exact age, but it's 80-something, and she's showing very few signs of slowing down. I hope I'm half as spry at her age. Heck I hope I make it to that age!

2. Hard to say. My other three grandparents died in 1972, 1981 and 1991, so I've known my Mom's side grandmother longer and have had more opportunities to interact with her as an adult. I was in part raised by my paternal grandmother, though, and we were fairly close. My mother's father was a rascally character, who had his dark side (or so I'm told- I never saw it) but I remember watching the Flintstones with him, and ball games, and he was always cracking jokes and stuff so I have good memories, but I knew him the least amount of time since he was the one that passed on in 1972.

3. Definitely my Mom's side. We haven't had a family get-together with what's left of my Dad's side in over a decade.