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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


There's this site linked to my page called Dead or Alive, which is a pretty good source of...well, who's dead and who's alive. For instance, there's a mention of the recent passing of Chris Schenkel, the sports announcer I feel I watched all my life.

But there's no mention of the death of legendary bluesman Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown, who seems to appear on practically every blues compilation I own, and who I've seen at a bluesfest in Albany in recent years. So, if you have a mind, write to Dead or Alive, and follow the instructions to have him included.

For that matter, ask them to add Vassar Clements, who I wrote about last month. These are core purveyors of American music and ought not be forgotten.
And on a TOTALLY unrelated note, new Gilmore Girls tonight! Amazon is trying to entice me to buy the 4th season on DVD, but we haven't even gotten through Season 1, which I bought for Carol last year.

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