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Friday, September 02, 2005

3 Laborious ?s

Labor Day weekend.

If you be so kind as to tell me:

1. Your favorite job, and why?

2. How much money would you need to never work again?

3. At what age, if ever, do you expect to retire, and what will you do then with your time?

BONUS: What was your worst job? (You'll see my answer soon.)


Roger Owen Green said...

1. Probably my current one as librarian for the SBDC because I learn new stuff almost daily.

2. Lessee, my daughter will be going to college in 17 years, and that'll cost a fortune. $7.3 million.

3. I'll probably never retire. Take more vacations, though.

ADD said...

1. Favourite paying job is probably my current one, as it provides challenges and opportunities for creative thinking almost every minute of the day.

2. Five million seems about right, but anything over three and it would be tempting.

3. I won't retire, unless #2 comes true...

Worst job was eight months at a country and western radio station in Corinth, NY in 1987. I don't think a day went by that I didn't wish for a quick and painless death. Second worst was at another radio station I won't name, but that is well-admired among people I like. I will say that the station is easier to admire and appreciate if you don't know what goes on on the inside.

Scott said...

1. I haven't had one that I could say I truly love. But my job with my current employer is about as good as I have had it. It is a good company, weekends off, and a great bunch of people that not only are a joy to work with, but that I learn from.

2. My wife and I are expecting our first child. So like you Roger, I suspect that the sum needed would require double digits, and the world million behind it.

3. I would love to retire by the time I am 55. I suspect that it will be closer to 65. Though I did have a great 401K at one employer and it has turned into a decent IRA. As for what I would do? Travel (if affordable), visit family (quite possibly as cheaply as possible), and read.

Worst job: Working at Burger King. But since this was in high school, it wasn't that bad.