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Thursday, September 01, 2005


the thing

that's most significant

about this month's blogging

is my use of visual representations.

They don't always come out as well as I'd like, but I'll keep at it.

Another thing is that since I opened up the response mechanism to non-bloggers, I've gotten more comments, for which I thank you. Please keep it up.
I've also gotten these blog spam things that say something like:
"Really like your site. For your insurance needs, click here."
I've started deleting them as I find them, but they don't bother me as much as they probably should. It's like those Viagra e-mails I get (I must REALLY be impotent!)
that I zap.

Finally, as of mid-day on August 26, I have put up a counter on the site, but don't plan to look at it for fear that I might become a blog statistics junkie. Well, maaybe I'll look, but only once a week. Or once a day. Perhaps thrice daily...


1 comment:

Roger Owen Green said...

"How'd you find that 'Obviously' illo?" I was asked. Check the link.