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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Toxic building

This is what School 16 in Albany, just across the street from the Ellenbogan house and visible wheen I leave the house each morning, looked like at the end of June:

But because it's 99 years old, difficult to make accessible, etc., etc., it started looking like:



Now it's gone, save for the rubble.
It's good that Lydia will be going to a new school. The district is rebuilding and expect to be done by January 2007.

The problem I 've been having lately, ever since the first part of the demolition, is that I can TASTE it. I know they did asbestos remediation in mid-June, before the deconstruction. But the dust or mold or whatever that's been released was so bad that we have ceased taking Lydia for a walk.

I know progress is messy, but does it have to burn my throat? And my nose?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Tragedy. Seriously, they couldn't have added an addition? And if they didn't want it to continue being a school, they could've at least renovated it into condos or rehabilitated it into offices, or a hundred other uses. Glad you photographed it before they tore it down though...