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Saturday, January 21, 2006

3 Questions about Lists

My wife is an active list-maker. I find lists, especially of tasks to be done, to be depressing, because I invariably fail to accomplish what I write down. Conversely, I usually take a list to the store, particularly when buying more than three items, and most particularly when I'm buying items not for my own use.

So, would you please tell me:

1) What, if anything, do you make lists for?

2) Do you make long-term lists, such as "These are the books I want to read/places I want to go before I die"?

3) The media are always reporting on some list or other: most livable cities, the state with the best educational system, Top 10 Essential Classic Rock Albums, the most romantic movies. Which, if any of these, do you pay attention to?

Oh, and re: that - I've been a librarian for over 13 years, and this week was the first time I actually used Playboy as a reference source; the question involved a list of party schools.
Princeton Review
Pub Club
Playboy-NOTE: yes, you will see, er, women wearing, er, not wearing...

For the librarian, one must go where the research takes ya.


Roger Owen Green said...

I used to enjoy the AFI film lists or the Rolling Stone magazine album lists, but they seem to have gone to well far too often.

tomthedog said...

1. I like making the year-end top ten lists for my blog. I almost never make lists of anything else, not even for shopping. Sometimes I'll make a list of what I need to do at work that day.

2. I've made lists of books I need to read (but haven't done much with them), and I'll often keep running lists throughout the year of what books I've read or movies I've seen, as preparation for my year-end lists.

3. I read as many other year-end top ten lists as I can find. I'm addicted. I like Rolling Stone's lists, because they're fodder for posts on my blog, and because they're so easy and fun to argue with.

Here's a variety of list maybe you haven't considered: "bookmarks" or "favorites" on the web. If you consider those to be lists, then I have a list of blogs I like to read, a list of favorite web comics, a list of movie review sites, etc.

Anonymous said...

I am a very active list maker. In a word, my memory sucks. So there is a very practical use for this. I also make lists at work of things I want to do after work. This gives me hope. As if, I have a real life.

Richard K

Anonymous said...

aha - A List!
I won't tell what winds up on my lists....too mundane for the most part.
It's really to keep my life from spinning out of control while I: a try to keep too many balls in the air; or
b. try to conceal my advancing senility!

I came across your log because DIA web site referred me to Dan Van Riper's - who mentioned Rambling Roger....which I suspected would be you when I clicked on the link.

Anonymous said...

Hi Roger,

It's hard to believe how your daughter is growing up so quickly. She's beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy the pictures and your comments.
She is becoming quite a girl, I can tell! (I even read some of your other pieces. Interesting.) Hope to see you at the FOCUS service on
2/5. We plan to sing. Do you?