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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Obviously, Whoever Created This Event Was Engaged in a Desparate Cry for Love

"Hey! You in the bushes! Come on out!"

Apparently it's National De-Lurking Week. Who knew? Well, Greg did, but he knows all sorts of obscure crap.

Quoting him: "If you don't know, a lurker is someone who visits blogs without ever commenting on it. So if you're stopping by, say hello. Leave a comment and tell me I'm an idiot. Tell me I'm a genius. Whatever. If you have left comments before, do it again. What will it cost you? I would do it at your blog! Really, I would!" And I WOULD.

(Intentionally postdated for maximum short-term effect.)


Greg said...

"Obscure crap." A perfect description. Story of my life. Hi there.

Isitjustme said...

Hello. I usually trawl through blogs for around an hour a week. I try to leave comments if I can think of something vaguely relevant, but all too often the blogs are either in a non English language, or I can't think of anything relevant to say.

I think this comment is relevant, though.

Lynn said...

Aw, Roger, I still enjoy reading your blog...

Anonymous said...

Okay! Okay! I'll say hello! Some of us are rather shy, you know. Anyway, I hope you and the family are well. See you at MidWinter???
Ricahrd K

Roger Owen Green said...

Richard= Probably going to MidWinter's