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Saturday, January 28, 2006

3 Super Bowl Questions

1. Who do want to win? Who do you think will win? Or are you a person who neither knows nor cares?

2a. If you watch: What time do you start watching? All afternoon, or just before game time?
2b. If you don't watch, do you have an anti-Super Bowl ritual, such as going to the movies?

3. Super Bowl Sunday - secular holiday?
Football 101.


Roger Owen Green said...

2. I turn on the TV at 5 pm, but actively watch at 6.

3. Sure, why not.

Lefty said...

1. The Broncos...but unfortunately they really screwed I'm going with Seattle because it would be their first championship.

2. I usually start watching at kick-off....but I dont always watch it. We also like to go places on Super Bowl Sunday because they tend to be less Disneyland.

3. Nope, because Hallmark would have a bevy of super bowl holkiday cards at the ready.

Greg said...

Seattle. And Seattle, although I wouldn't be surprised if the Steelers win.

No, I won't watch. The game itself annoys me and takes way too long.

You mean it isn't already?

Anonymous said...

So, when is the Superbowl?
(its a great day to hit the slopes in the crowds)

The pics of Lydia put a smile on my face.
I always knew you'd make a great dad!

Johnny B said...

1. I don't have a clue. I like both teams, but I'm leaning towards Seattle.

2. The only time I ever watched the pregame stuff, at least since it ballooned from 1 hour before to two and a half (at least) was in 1998, when my beloved Falcons were in it and I was afraid I'd never get the chance again. Otherwise, I usually tune in and alternate between the network and ESPN more or less an hour to 30 min. before.

3. Yeah, it is, it's just not officially recognized as one just yet.

tomthedog said...

1. I guess Seattle. I don't much care. I would only have cared if Denver made it in.

2. The TV's on through all the pre-show, but I only really pay attention at kickoff.

3. I think the Monday after should be a paid holiday.

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