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Sunday, March 05, 2006

It's MY Birthday, Too

Here is a list of some folks born on March 7:
Year of Birth/Age on Tuesday
Alan Sues 1926 80 - "Laugh-In" notable
Anthony Charles Robert Armstrong-Jones, Earl of Snowdon 1930 76- was married to Princess Margaret. Noted photographer.
James Broderick 1927 d. 11/01/1982 at the age of 55 -in the TV show "Family". Matthew's dad.
Willard Scott 1934 72 - "Today" show weatherguy
Janet Guthrie 1938 68 - race car driver
Daniel J. Travanti 1940 66 - "Hill Street Blues" Pizzaman
Tammy Faye Bakker 1942 64 - realty TV show diva
Michael Eisner 1942 64 - former Disney head
John Heard 1945 61 - fine character actor
Matthew Fisher -1946 60 - from the band Procol Harum
Peter Wolf 1946 60 - singer for the J. Geils Band
Franco Harris 1950 56 - Pittsburgh Steeler running back
Lynn Swann 1952 54 - Pittsburgh Steeler wide receiver, potential Republican candidate for Pennsylvania governor
Ivan Lendl 1960 46 - champion tennis player
Joe Carter 1960 46 - baseball player who hit winning HR in the 1993 World series for the Toronto Blue Jays
Freedy Johnston 1961 45 - quirky singer that I like.
Taylor Dayne 1962 44 - singer
Wanda Sykes 1964 42 -black female comedian
Jeff Kent 1968 38 - major league second baseman since 1992
Peter Sarsgaard 1971 35 - noted actor

Rachel Weisz 1971 35 -(pictured) nominated for an Oscar in "the Constant Gardener" tonight, and my pick for Best Supporting Actress
Jenna Fischer 03/07/1974 32 Pam on "The Office"
Laura Prepon 03/07/1980 26 - "That '70s Show"

Want more people who were born or died on March 7? Look here.

Other events on March 7: look here, here and here.
Today's post comes courtesy of friend Bruce, who lent me his spare monitor when the previous monitor suddenly died last week. I thought that perhaps the 23-month old had somehow done something to it. I spent the last week posting from the library.

I have a question for the bloggers amongst you, which is: When do you blog?
My usual schedule during the week is to post at 5:30 a.m., when my wife gets up to take a shower, until 6, when I get dressed in anticipation of Lydia getting up.
Most nights, I have another block after I've changed Lydia into her pajamas and her mother puts her to bed, and perhaps a few minutes when Carol gets ready for bed.


Greg said...

Happy Birthday, by the way. Interesting that it's Rachel Weisz's birthday as well. Nice present she got tonight. Good pick.

Johnny B said...

Happy birthday, Roger!

I usually post when I can, I don't really have a set time.

Scott said...

Happy Birthday Roger.

Lefty said...

Hoppy Bird Day.

I usually post first thing in the morning at work, if I already know what I'm writing about. If not, I usually post after my shift ends, while I'm waiting for my ride and & beautiful darling wife to pick me up. We're a one car family.

Anonymous said...

So, do I read your blog correctly that your olde monitor is DOA, and you got a new one?
Yeah, sometimes these beasts just up and die. What kinda monitor did you get?
Hope all is well, despite your impending age!!