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Thursday, March 09, 2006


Roughly, from most to least serious:

I missed the fact that March 1st was International Death Penalty Abolition Day.
Read the story of the wrongful execution that led to Abolition Day.

Censorship Exhibit at Albany Public Library. The exhibit will be in the display cases on the first and second floor of the main library during the month of March. Even if you live outside the area, you may be interested in information from the sponsoring group, the Long Island Coalition Against Censorship.

After seeing my piece on Old Black Joe, a story from the early 1960s, friend Mark sends me a far more recent example: Racist song in my kid's music class

Friend Sarah writes: "This is worth the time to read. It is absolutely the best, most comprehensive, yet easy-to- understand article on the extremely important issue regarding voting systems."

An interesting sermon about sex

Friend Sarah, who, not so incidentally, has started her own blog also writes: "We have created a page called Voices of Remembering to allow people to "hear" about The Remembering Site. We would love to have your voice recorded and then placed at for the world to hear in your words what you think of The Remembering Site or what you think about capturing life memories.
"I would be so appreciative if you could take some time from your busy day to record up to a minute (or longer, if needed) audio clip of your voice or perhaps you and your S.O.'s voice and then send it to me in an MP3 file. Anything goes - humor, seriousness, what it means to you, what the experience was like for you, how you plan to do it someday, the importance of sharing family memories, an encouraging word, etc."
Here's the thing: I'd love to do it, but I DON'T KNOW HOW. Any of my more adept chums have a way to explain this to me so even I will understand it?

Uncharacteristically, Fred Hembeck takes on the media (March 2)

Five of the Most Unpopular Jobs - and one of them is mine

The Andy Griffith Show as a source of inspirational study.

Another unnecessary assault on our beleaguered Vice-President.

Math as a tool for terrorism

Are Your Cats Old Enough To Learn About Jesus?

Unshelved, a comic strip about libraries and librarians by Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum. The strips for March 6-9 are about blogging.

Finally, Mark Evanier notes a website to all of those Treasury comics. While I sold much of my comic collection in the mid-1990s, I managed to hang onto some of these. It's enough to me to want to go up to the attic and pull out the comic pictured.

1 comment:

Booksteve said...

Hi. I discovered your fascinating blog via Fred Hembeck and now, through your blog, I've discovered the comic strip UNSHELVED (I work in a library). Thanks.