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Monday, March 20, 2006

Spring Has Sprung! ASK Roger ANYTHING!

Since it is the vernal equinox (more or less) and day and night are in perfect harmony -

It's time once again for "Ask Roger Anything!" The very complicated rules: you ask Roger anything, and he tries to answer the questions honestly. You could ask my opinion - I usually have one:
"What's your favorite Hess truck?"
"Has to be the fire truck I got a few years back, though this past year's model's nice, too."

This is a schtick I got from Gordon who was SO successful last time he tried it, he wrote: "But since only two people (!) asked me questions this last go-round, this meme is...well, I think it's run its course."

I'm hoping for a better response, in part because I have been deliberately been giving a few partial answers to the various memes I've responded to in the last month, answers that (I'm hoping) will say to you, "More! I want MORE details about THAT!"

But I could be wrong.

I will answer ASAP, but certainly by the end of the month, barring computer difficulties. Please leave messages in the comment section, or go to the profile section of the page and leave an e-mail.
Last week, I received an e-mail so weird, I needed to share. The subject line was "simplistic". The middle section of the message was some business hype. But the parts before and after the hype was what was so...interesting:

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One wonders what type of bizarre traffic this post will generate.


Gordon said...

OK, Roger, I'll be game...

1) Other than the mighty Fred Hembeck, have you met any of your fellow bloggers face to face?

2) What's the greatest thing about being a father? (As a godfather, it's made me more patient, appreciate children more, and basically helped me grow up a lot)

ROG said...

Got another one of those bizarro messages today:

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ROG said...

Maybe it's poetry:

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