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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My favorite present

This week, for my birthday, I got some DVDs, movie passes, tickets to a show, money, and good wishes from a number of fine folks, including online. I got to play hearts with Fiona and Mike.

But the favorite thing that I got was not really a present. I had misplaced my passport some three or four (or more) months ago. I wasn't really worried about it, since I was confident that it was buried in the bedroom SOMEWHERE.

So, I was surprised to get an envelope in the mail last week that included:
  • my passport

  • two 20 dollar bills

  • my birth certificate

  • my DMV ID

  • my bank ATM card with an expiration date of 12/05

  • The envelope was from the main branch of the Albany Public Library, with "Security" written on it. No note. It was great to get these items back, but where had they been? I was worried about identity theft, primarily.

    I talked to the security guy. There was no recent log of these items being found. Most likely, the items were found late last year, stuck in a drawer for a few months, and then just mailed out.

    $40 in cash through the mail. Yowsah. Sometimes, you just get lucky.

    1 comment:

    Greg said...

    I love hearts. I used to play all the time in college, often to the detriment of homework and sleep. Now I am nowhere near anyone who knows how to play, and I'm sad.