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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Lydster, Part 30: Two and a Half

I had all of these grandiose ideas about a panoply of pictures of Lydia over the past 2.5 years, but I was having trouble with Blogger, which put the kibosh on that. The picture above, with my mother and Carol's, was supposed to be used for Grandparents' Day, but I forgot. And I did manage to get a couple old pics to post.

You know the physicians' creed to do no harm. I'm pleased to note that Lydia has made it to 2 1/2 in one piece, because of the parenting skills of her mother, and in spite of the parenting skills of me, or so she'll tell her therapist in 20 years.

O.K., that was unnecessarily self-effacing. I do have some skills. I can get her to squueze her medicine thingy into her nose, usually. I can get her to stop crying by doing something extraordinarily silly. (Don't ask.)

I've been taking my bike on the bus when I take her to day care. What pleases (and frankly surprises) me, and the people in the bus, is that I'll say to her, "Stay on the sidewalk until I put the bike on the bus" and she does, saying "Bike on bus and then get me". Then I carry her onto the bus. Then I take her off the bus, ask her to stay on the sidewalk until the bike comes off, and she complies again.

Good news: Lydia has ONLY a peanut allergy. That's good, because I pretty much knew that anyway, and that she DOESN'T have an allergy to anything else, according to the blood test, such as tree nuts, grasses, milk, cats, dogs, or any number of other things that might have affected her.

Lydia only a month ago used to say she was two, but now says she's two and a half, something neither her mother or I taught her. I blame her day care.

I love her a lot. When I get home from work, she'll quit what she's doing (eating, playing) to greet me. She is a good hugger.

Well, enough of this saccharine stuff. More cynicism soon.

Lydia, Carol, and I are mentioned in this story in the Capitaland Quartly section of this past Sunday's Times Union. The paper was going to get a picture, but the photographer's schedule changed and we were unable to wait around.


Anonymous said...

Nice piece in the paper
Did they know you or was it just random?

Roger Owen Green said...

Neither, actually. The TU has their Times Union Readers’ Network, and they asked us what our plans for retirement were. So I told them that I was 53 with a 2 year old, and that I didn’t expect to retire anytime soon. The writer thought this was interesting and expanded it to the article you saw.

GayProf said...

You big softy!!!

Anonymous said...

That is a priceless shot of Lydia with your mothers!

Intersting TU article. Thanks for the link. I also took the time to read your piece about your father. Fascinating. Geneology, or I should say how it has been recorded over thime is puzzling. I have picked my mother's brain for her family history and connections and have cryptic handwritten notes as I cannot decide on how best to record the links to the ancestors. I hit a brick wall like you though too as my grandfather (paternal) was "taken in" as they say at at young age and changed his name while his brothers did father mind you knows nothing about it.

Good luck in your search.
I hope you find some answers --

Take care, p.

Stephanie said...

Hello, I was doing some research on peanut allergies and came across your blog. My name is Stephanie. I have a 2 year old daughter, Sophia, with a peanut allergy. We live in Fort Plain NY. It about 40 minutes west of Schenectady. I'd love to set up a playdate for the two girls- it'd be great if Sophia had a friend her own age with peanut allergy as well. (I know this sounds weird- since its on the internet- but its genuine:) Hope to hear from you!!