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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Work to do QUESTIONS

A couple weeks ago, I got this e-mail from my local newspaper:

The U.S. Bureau of the Census projects that by 2030, 20.8 percent of upstate New York's population will be aged 65 and over, a share still slightly higher than for the nation as a whole.

In our September issue of Capitaland Quarterly, Deputy Business Editor Eric Anderson will take a look at the implications an aging baby boomer population will have on the Capital Region. And we'd like to hear from you.

If you are approaching 60, we are interested in learning about your plans for retirement, about other ways you might be adjusting your lifestyle and how you arrived at those decisions. Please respond before Aug. 30 to help us meet our deadlines.

Thank you for participating in the Times Union Reader Network.

Got a call indicating the fact that they're interested in using an expanded version of my response. Here's the original:

"I went back to graduate school at age 37, started working a librarian at the age of 39. I'm now 53, and I have a 2-year- old daughter, which means I'll be 69 when she graduates from high school. And then, presumably, she will want to go to college.
Retirement just doesn't seem to be part of my mindset right now."

Which, of course, means that, on this Labor Day weekend, I'd like the same questions to you, even if you're not approaching 60:
What are your plans for retirement? When? At what age? Will you relocate?
What ways might you do to adjust your lifestyle? Smaller house or an apartment or condo?
What went into those decisions?
(If you don't mind): How old are you?


Uthaclena said...

I'm one of those 53-year-olds; Iself have an ELEVEN-year-old daughter, so she'll likely do colege when I'm sixty. Retirement is not something that has ever really computed; not that I want to be doing the SAME thing I'm labouring on in my seventies; but I always anticipate doing SOMEthing vocational while I am physically able.We already have a small domicile -- I'd like to make it more functional and energy-efficient over the next fifteen years. Ritiring to Florida??? WHY would anyone want to live with all of those OLD people? and it's hot and damp. Nah, I'll just keep on keeping on the way I am unless forced to change...

Anonymous said...

Very interesting question that I've been grappling with since about age 20. The thought of retirement has always put fear into my ever working heart. I'm 39 and have not been without a job since age 15. I have the CV of a 65 year-old. I like to work and am not at all ashamed to say that I am defined by my work because I also have a life with my SO, family, and friends.

In the last couple of years I find that I am working just as hard: for a large well-known organization from basically 9 to 7 with Fridays off but I am also pursuing my own professional pursuits such as publishing, serving on boards, and spending a lot of time on a non-profit organization I created.

This is a long preamble to your questions:

Q ... What are your plans for retirement?

A ... I suppose when I "retire" I will want to focus on grandparenthood, having shed all of my professional pursuits described above.

Q ... When? At what age?

A ... 75 seems reasonable, even 80. One of my best friends is 71 and I am closely observing her energy level (which is off the charts high) and things she says about slowing down. The only thing she really mentions is wanting to travel more but she working about 12 hours a day. I don't know many other older people other than my 78 year-old uncle who drinks beer everyday and has the body and mind of a slightly paunchy 50 year-old. He is also still working as a farmer.

Q ... Will you relocate?

A ... I may buy a home to escape dismal weather but probably not.

Q ... What ways might you do to adjust your lifestyle? Smaller house or an apartment or condo?

A ... If / when I am drooling old and cannot take care of myself, I will join one of those fabulous retirement communities that is like going back to college. Otherwise I think I will have someone do the shopping, cooking, and cleaning for me until I absolutely must leave my home. I would NEVER live with my children.


Scott said...

What are your plans for retirement? When? At what age?

Not really sure when. I would ultimately like to retire before I turn 60, but I don't see that happening. I haven't been able to save like I did before I was married. And having a 9 month old son, like you Roger, I have to think of his college education before my retirement. I do have an IRA that was started when leaving one company about 7 years ago. It was a rollover 401K. It has grown quite well, but still a long way from giving me financial security after 65.

Will you relocate?

Not sure. Probably not.

What ways might you do to adjust your lifestyle? Smaller house or an apartment or condo?

As it stands right now in the area we live, a condo is all we can afford to buy and that's a little out of reach right now. The housing market in this area is ridiculous, and we think it's because a major pharmaceutical has two huge facilities nearby and the employees make well over what the average American does. However, I would cut back quite a bit on housing if possible. I would rather spend my money on possible grandchildren or travelling.

How old are you?

Just turned 36 a month ago.

Lefty said...

What are your plans for retirement? When? At what age?

I plan to retire as soon as its economically feasible.

Will you relocate?

All over the dern place. I hope my wife & I will become like gypsies traveling around the world. We have no kids (although I would love one, but it looks like God has other plans), so it would be fun to see everything before the ultimate field trip, so to speak.

What ways might you do to adjust your lifestyle?

Well I sincerly hope that by then they have some sort of hybrid or non-gasoline fueled RV with internet2 access, and cable tv, and all the comforts of home as we tour North & South America.

(If you don't mind): How old are you?

35 i think.

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