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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bike Stuff

I'm still riding my bike. My rules are that there must be a wind chill of 20 degrees F or more, that it be dry, and if it has snowed, that the road be thoroughly plowed. Actually, I like when it snows six inches or more on Albany, because alternate side parking goes into effect, and the city actually plows the roads to the curb, more or less. Whereas a three-inch snow can turn to snow and slush on the right side of the road, where I try to ride.

When I wrote my last bike post, I neglected one important thing one should do: have a bell. I think I forgot it because I no longer have one; it seems to have "walked". In lieu of a bell, I find that it is important to be able to yell with some volume and intensity. What you yell is important. I used to yell, "hey!", but I don't think the long A carries as well as I would like. So I've opted for "yo!", a term I use almost at no other time, but seems to have the effect of stopping moving cars, even with their windows up. Probably better than my bell, I think. This might get drivers' attention as well.


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