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Saturday, November 24, 2007


Certainly, you're aware of all the problems with plastic. I was recalling some news story some months ago about how even the very efficient recycling system in San Francisco can't deal with plastic bags and end up throwing them away. And, of course, plastics are made of petroleum, adding to the demand for oil which helps raise the price of gasoline.

Bottled water has been banned by several municipalities to try to hector people not to add more plastic bottles. But recently, my wife told me about a story that washing and reusing plastic water bottles carry a risk as well, the solution for which is to buy more bottles of water made of plastic (?!).

So, the question is simple: how do you minimize use of petroleum-based products? It can be anything from carpooling to reusable canvas bags. And do you think sometimes that stores make it difficult to refuse a bag because of their policies?

Recycling cost/benefit.
Getting catalogs that you throw away or recycle without even looking at them?
Sign in at Catalog
Raid your recycling box for all the catalogs you want to stop
Look up the catalog company names on the website
Enter your name the way it appears on the catalog
Enter the customer number
Do this for each catalog and within 10 weeks, they'll stop coming to your door.
Got an e-mail from the Central Administration of SUNY, which read:As you know, the State University follows Executive Order No.142 which requires all state agencies to reduce the amount of waste by separating recoverable materials from regular solid waste. Consistent with this order, blue recycling bins are currently located in all office areas throughout the building to dispose of paper products.
GREAT! So, I called the contact to clarify a point. I discovered that, since we're in a private building, rather than in a state building, the landlord does not have to follow the same rules. Another reason why I hate the place I work.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"So, the question is simple: how do you minimize use of petroleum-based products?"

That's a great question. I've been working on the answer since June and have compiled a list on my blog of the steps I've taken so far:

I'll be updating this list as I come up with more ideas.

Beth Terry