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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I've been blogging 2.5 years and yet I haven't had a formal comments policy. Noticing that Jaquandor (yes, him again) wrote one up some time ago, I thought it'd be a good idea to do likewise.

1. I encourage comments about the topic at hand. In fact, I would enjoy receiving more. Indeed, I've left it so you don't have to do word verification when commenting. You don't have to even have a Blogger account, since you can just click on the anonymous button. (And if you DO want to identify yourself, just sign it.)

2. As we all are, I'm imperfect. If I've made an error of fact, or have a link that doesn't work, please let mer know ASAP, in the comments section or via e-mail, posted in the sidebar.

3. I expect that, from time to time, readers will have a strong negative reaction to something I've written in this blog. I'm good with that. Leave a comment to that effect.

4. But there's a certain level of social decorum that I expect. I would refer to it as as "common sense" except that it isn't as common as I would have thought.

a. No flamewars. If you start attacking others, or me, in a way that I feel is inappropriate, I will delete the post. Except for spam, and one incredibly racist comment, I've never done it before. I don't like doing so. But I will.

b. If you want to attack me and tell me that I'm stupid and only an idiot would believe that GWB should be impeached, fine, but such comments will require a name and an e-mail address. Anonymous attack comments will be deleted as soon as I learn of their existence.

c. Every comment left here is also forwarded to my Gmail address, so don't think that leaving a nasty comment on a post that's buried deep in my archives will escape my notice. Since many people seem to come to this blog via search engines, that happens quite often.

d. Any other comments that I deem inappropriate - and I have VERY liberal standards - will be deleted. Also spam, unless it's REALLY entertaining.

"Hey, Roger, don't you believe in the First Amendment?" Indeed, I do. I support your right to start your own blog and have your own rules.

e. Please limit comments to the topic of the post at hand. If there's something else you really want to call to my attention, e-mail me. I check it often.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'd be interested in your reaction to this: An effort underway to remove Pelosi as Speaker, and make way for impeachment. Details What flaws do you see with this plan; and is there a way to block this?