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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Writers Guild Strike QUESTIONS

Much to my surprise, I have found myself utterly fascinated by the WGA strike. I freely admit my sympathy for the writers, who are getting ripped off on DVD sales and streaming video broadcasts. I've watched the WGA videos on YouTube; while The Office Is Closed is the most entertaining, Why We Fight is the most useful in understanding the situation. Oh, and here's info about an episode of The Office you may not see for a while, scheduled for only a couple weeks out.

I've added to my webroll the United Hollywood website, where I found out about an online petition, which I signed (#1018); I never know the efficacy of online petitions, but what the heck. I've been also following Writers Strike, Ken Levine and Mark Evanier's posts. In fact, Mark answered my strike-related questions; how did he know I was specifically interested in JEOPARDY!?

1. What do you think of the strike? Do you side with the writers, with management, a pox on both of their houses, or you just don't care? (Gordon cares.)

2. Has the strike already affected your viewing? (Maybe Lefty can finally catch up with The Daily Show and Colbert.)

3. If it is a prolonged strike, what will the networks use to fill up the time? Reality shows and repeats, sure. Old movies? Unaired episodes of Viva Laughlin?

4. What will you do with all that found time? (After I catch up with MY backlog of programs, I'll read more.)


1 comment:

Gordon said...


First, thanks for the link...and for taking a stand. To answer your questions:

1)As you stated, I care - most of it is because I have great sympathy for writers, but none for mega-major corporations.

2)Actually, no, it hasn't - the only real change is probably that I'm catching up on old taped episodes.

3)Rumor has it the networks are gearing up more reality tv and game shows - personally, they may end up doing what they did in 1988: reviving old series like Mission: Impossible. (Or, say, adapting old Bionic Woman scripts for the new Bionic Woman

4) I've actually found this wonderful place near's called a "library", and they have these neat things called "books".

I'm catching up on my reading.