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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Ear candling

My mom's 80 and in reasonably good health. (BTW, Andy Williams just turned 80 a couple days ago and is still performing.) Her primary health complaint is this ringing in her ears, which makes conversations sound muffled. I'm not sure what causes it - it might be from various medications she's taking - but her doctor hasn't identified a solution.

One of my sisters asked about something called Ear Candling. I had never heard of it. From one website:
For thousands of years, a form of hygiene known as Ear Candling, was used as a way of naturally cleansing the inside of the ears and head.

Today, more and more are seeking alternatives to digging in the ears with Q-tips or using a hydrogen peroxide flush to clear blockages in the ear canal.

Ear Candling is a natural, non-intrusive procedure that may help alleviate the painful effects of chronic headaches or sinus conditions, ear infections, allergies or vertigo, as well as minor hearing loss due to excessive earwax...Ear Candling helps drain and dry out the small, dark places where germs live and multiply...Ringing in the ears can be a cause of dehydration coupled with wax build-up. Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of pure water per day. Then the Ear Candling procedure can help break down the wax...

How does it work?
It is believed as the candle burns, gentle warm smoke is drawn into the ear canal that softens and loosens candida, wax, and other debris through osmosis. This means anything on the other side of the eardrum turns into a gas form to pass through the ear drum membrane. It is then collected into the remaining unburned portion of the candle.

Through osmosis?

So, I looked for more information. was at best, mixed about the procedure. The FDA is not fond of it at all. Nor are website such as Quackwatch and Straight Dope . Let's put it this way: I'm as skeptical as this guy.

Anybody out there had any experience or have insights into ear candling?
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