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Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Merry Christmas Meme

From Tosy of New Jersey:

1. Favorite traditional Christmas song:
"The Coventry Carol". I'm particularly fond of Alison Moyet's version on the orginal "A Very Special Christmas".

2. Favorite contemporary or modern Christmas song:
"The Bells of Christmas" by Julie Andrews from a Firestone LP in the mid-1960s. It was re-recorded with an extra-long bridge that utterly ruins it, though.

3. Christmas song that makes you cry
A performance of "I'll Be Home For Christmas" by Kim and Reggie Harris. It is a sad song, ultimately.

4. Real or artificial tree:
Real. I fear artificial trees.

5. Favorite Christmas edible treat
I take a shot of amaretto in a goblet, then pour eggnog into it. Not only does it taste good, it looks good.

6. White lights or multi-colored:
White. Though I grew up with these huge colored lights.

7. How many Christmas parties will you go to this year:
One. Already went.

8. Favorite act of kindness to perform during this season:
Random acts of kindness.

9. Favorite sounds of Christmas:

10. Favorite things to wear:
I have a Santa hat.

11. Favorite Christmas movie/TV special:
Except for Charlie Brown, don't really watch them anymore.

12. Eggnog or hot chocolate:
Depends on the temperature outside.

13. Favorite Christmas book:
This hardbound book of carols I got for my wife a couple years ago.

14. Christmas books on my "to read" list:

15. Peppermint or cinnamon:
Peppermint usually.

16. What's on the top of your tree:
An angel.

17. Traditional Christmas meal growing up:
Don't really remember.

18. Online shopping or traditional "go to the store" shopping:
Online if it isn't a small store.

19. Something you received as a Christmas gift as a child that you still have:
No clue. In all likelihood, some LPs, but couldn't specify titles.

20. How many Christmas cards you have mailed so far:

21. Favorite source for Christmas ideas:
My wife.

22. Coordinated/themed or hodge-podge tree decorations:
Hodge-podge. My ornaments, her ornaments from when we were kids, new ornaments.

23. What's on the top of YOUR Christmas wishlist:
A Hess truck.

24. Roles you've played in Christmas plays/programs:
Shepherd, wise man.

25. Wrapping paper or gift bags:
When I was a kid, I used to wrap presents in the comics section of the Sunday paper. I was often mocked by my family, and I abandoned it. I think I'll go back to it.

26. When do you put up the tree:
Well, we hadn't had one in a couple years. about two weeks before Christmas when we do.

27. When do you take the tree down:
New Years' Day, or soon thereafter.

28. Do you have a nativity scene:
A creche on the fireplace mantle.

29. Hardest person to buy for:
My mother.

30. Easiest person to buy for:
My daughter.

31. Worst Christmas gift you ever received:
I have no idea.

32. When do you start shopping for Christmas:
It varies. Once upon a time, there was a Medieval Faire in October,, and I'd start then. Some years, it's two weeks before Christmas, and I'd take a day off from work and do the whole thing.

33. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present:
Possibly, but unlikely.

34. Travel at Christmas or stay home:
Home for the first time since Lydia was born.

35. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer:
Yes, all nine.

36. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning:
Christmas morning.

37. Most annoying thing about this time of year:
Nasty people in over-crowded stores.

38. What I love most about Christmas:
Traditional Christmas music.
Educational Stocking Stuffers and a terrible gift idea.
Brian Lynch's A Simulated Christmas , courtesy of ADD.
The Nine-Inning Holiday Trivia Quiz from ESPN; tough!


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Anonymous said...

I'm 5 % Scrooge.