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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Lydster, Part 45: All in Good Time

I was watching "Grey's Anatomy" a couple months ago (yeah, OK, whatever). Dr. Bailey, who is the only reasonably sane character on the show, was being berated on her cell phone by her husband for missing their less-than-one-year-old son's first Halloween. Then she, talking to intern George, bewailed missing it too, even though she was helping with a surgery to make some cute kid's life better.

Oh, please.

This year was Lydia's first Halloween that we went out and celebrated. And her mother took her to a limited number of houses. I mean, how much candy does she really need? (Answer: quite a bit, actually, after eliminating the candies that might have peanuts.)

Likewise, we haven't had a Christmas tree until this year. This is Lydia's fourth Christmas. The first year, we were too tired and disorganized. The second year, we were afraid she'd accidentally pull it down on herself unless we had a moat around it. The third year, we weren't home long enough, as we were at the grandparents' house; they had a tree. This year, however, we went up to the attic, found the tree stand, negotiated which Christmas bulbs made it on the tree (Carol and I each have our own sets), figured out the lights (we were on the same page on that one), and decided that it would be important to help Lydia, and us, to have some Christmas traditions of our own.

So, I don't think we've psychologically damaged Lydia by having foregone the rituals until now. Or if we have, she can send us the shrink's bill.

More details anon.

Happy 3 3/4, Lydia.



ohslowburn said...

That's funny! Our son was born two weeks before Christmas, so I understand. However, because I let so many other things slide, I was determined to do the tree. And had my husband bolt the tree stand to a large plywood board. We figured there was no way the kid could pull the tree over on himself if he was on the board. And he wasn't tall or strong enough to pull it over without getting on the board. The thing is though, he didn't care - because nothing on the tree was moving, and therefore nothing was catching his attention. Might have been different if we had blinkign lights. But we didn't. So after one look at it, he was bored.

None of which is to say we didn't watch him like a hawk. And that we're not glad he's now three and more able to be around it for a few minutes at a time without us.

Very merry.... I hope you all had a great day!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Roger, Carol and Lydia! Sounds like you are keeping it all in balance (even if it doesn't always feel that way to you!). I miss you all and hope the Christmas concert was terrific this year!

Jennifer Jensen

Anonymous said...

Merry , Second Day of Christmas,

No French Hens in sight, but since you didn't have time to get a tree I will share these with you - - hope they come through. Also, I believe I remember from a look at another of your postings that you had a concern about cough syrup for children. I have a professional medical/healthcare resource that I receive daily. On a recent posting there was a write-up of a study on effectiveness of honey (plain ordinary) for cough in children. I was trying to send you an email of the article, but learned that one has to be registered with pass word profile and all to receive the info from another person. BOTTOM LINE. Would you like me to print a copy the article for you?

Blessed New Year,