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Sunday, December 23, 2007

'Tis the Season to ASK ROGER ANYTHING

This is the part of the program where I stand on stage like Carol Burnett before the show and you pose irreverent, irrelevant, irrational and/or irritating questions, and I HAVE TO ANSWER. Not only that, I promise it'll be the truth; it may not be the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but as Jimmy Carter once said to the American public, "I'll never lie to you."

You could ask if I think the National Football League is somehow fixing the games - there have been some controversial calls - so that the New England Patriots will be 15-0 going into their final game against the Giants which can only be seen on the network that the league owns, and which is not available from many cable companies, such as Time Warner.

You could ask me what my absolute favorite play of the season in the NFL was. Note, however, that I haven't seen a whole game all season, and that I've likely seen the most football waiting for 60 Minutes to come on.

You could ask me what the Baseball Hall of Fame ought to do about the players in the Steroid era.

You could ask me who my hero is.

You could ask me why this sentence on the FCC website for December 18 makes me gag: "FCC Adopts Rules To Promote Diversification Of Broadcast Ownership."

Well, you get the idea.
ADD is right.



Gordon said...

Well, here are some questions:

1) Who is your hero?

2) In this age of mega media-conglomeration, when the major studios are crying poverty during the Writer's Strike...what do you suggest we (as citizens) do?

3) Why do people insist on playing/listening to "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer"? That is one of the most annoying songs ever written.

(Plus, traumatic incidents should never be comedy fodder).

Chris Black said...

Hi Roger

Do you have a favourte fictional librarian or library?

What got me thinking was there's one in a science fiction novel that I read this year (- I'll tell you about it sometime - ) called Glasshouse by Charles Stross. The book is set several centutries into the future and the hero finds himself working in a simulation of a late 20th century American public library.

Scott said...

1. What do you think the Baseball Hall of Fame should do about the steroid problems?

2. Keying off of Chris' question, do you have a favorite fictional character (librarian or not)?

3. What is the hardest part of your job?

4. Do you think those of us in the US are getting too politically correct by saying "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" and worrying about the fact that Santa is too fat?

5. (I may have missed this somewhere in your posts) Have you ever considered becoming a minister?

6. What is your favorite non-secular Christmas song? What is your favorite religious Christmas song?

7. If the Patroits go the entire season undefeated, do you think people will complain more about it then about Barry Bonds breaking Aaron's record?

Anthony said...

1. What is the one thing that if they didn't have it in heaven you would seriously think about taking up residence in the other place because you would miss it so much?

2. What is the hardest passage of Scripture for you to accept?

3. What do you dislike most about yourself?

4. What is the most profound spiritual experience you have had?