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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bissette Tackles the FantaCo Legacy

Steve Bissette, who did work for FantaCo going back to 1981, has been as bothered by the misappropriation of the FantaCo legacy in sources such as the Wikipedia and the Comics Database as I have.

He's working on stuff, I'm working on stuff to clear the record.

Please, please read the record so far.


Gary ("Old Dude") said...

Not being familiar with wikipedia, have no idea what the conflict is, so can't really relate to it, is it a money issue or just bragging rights?

Roger Green said...

Gary - Neither. It's the truth. Wikipedia (and the Comics Database) list certain items as by FantaCo and Tundra when it was just FantaCo, for instance. Otgher items aren't listed at all. The Wikipedia purports to be the "people's encyclopedia." Anyone can write it, pretty much. YOU could, for instance.
So people who have secondary or tertiary knowledge made assumptions that people who have first hand knowledge know (or recall - it's been 20 years or more in some cases) that is just plain wrong.
Think of it as get looking up a citation in your encyclopedia and find references to East Germany or Czechoslovakia as current in 2008; it's just not accurate. And when one thing was wrong on the Internet, other sources quote the wrong information until it's almost impossible to make it right.

There are people, I've discovered, that have fond memories of FantaCo, and when they look it up, I want the record to be as right as it can be.