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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Lydster, Part 53: Room of Many Colors

Lydia is susceptible to allergies, not just peanuts, but also including dust mites. So it is incumbent upon us to scrub her walls thoroughly periodically. Last year, during the process, Carol and her father painted Lydia’s room a peach color that Lydia didn’t like for reasons of design that were lost on me. So this year, when she was asked what colors she would like on her walls, Lydia told them, and Carol and her father complied. The room is now pink. And blue. And purple. And yellow. And green. With a floor that’s a color called Rose Balcony. And now Lydia is very happy with a room that she can call her own. They also painted a white chair pink to match her bedding. Joseph, the 11th son of Israel, would be pleased.
Other sources of allergies, which I share with her, are grasses and ragweed, which we monitor. Saturday, while I was cutting the grass, Lydia came outside to pick some wildflowers. That afternoon, she had shortness of breath, and that night she coughed for three hours; cough medicine is of no use, but the drugs in the nebulizer eventually did the trick.
I don't often say things like, "Boy, is my girl smart!" OK, maybe I do. But it seemed like only a few weeks ago, she insisted that twenty-nine was followed by twenty-ten, my insistence to the contrary notwithstanding. But now she can count to one hundred and beyond. Shades of Toy Story.

Picture #1 courtesy, of Earthworld Comics, May 2008.
Picture #2 courtesy of Uthaclena, August 2008.



Gary ("Old Dude") said...

its not easy to argue logically with children and come away feeling you have actually won the argument. Nice post.

Leah said...

Rog, I want to see the pictures of Lydia's newly painted room!

One day, when the the 4 or 5 years between them will seem like nothing at all, Sierra and Lydia are gonna have to do lunch -- sans peanuts, sans dust mites.

Oh, and please let Carol know that she and her dad are welcome to do that wall scrubbing at our house ANY TIME.

Anonymous said...


Lydia's just growing prettier each year - allergies can be areal problem but manageable.