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Monday, August 18, 2008

Understanding the Bible QUIZ

About six months ago, Anthony posted about taking The Hermeneutics Quiz, originally posted on the webpage of noted author and biblical scholar Scot McKnight; don't worry, Anthony actually has a link explaining what hermeneutics means, but briefly, it refers to the study of the interpretation of religious texts.

With a score of 65, Anthony was "a little surprised by the results, which on a spectrum from conservative to moderate to progressive" put him "right on the threshold between moderate and progressive."

I, on the other hand, scored a 77; a score between 66 and 100, means I'm a progressive on The Hermeneutics Scale; no surprise there. It wasn't as high as the score for Lefty Brown, who got an 85, since he is a proponent of the seamless garment, which I appreciate but have not yet fully embraced.

If you would, please take the test, let me know how you did and whether you think that is a fair representation of where you are in your faith journey.



Gary ("Old Dude") said...

I took the quiz as you requested, and did so with some modicum of reluctance, in that I consider myself to be an agnostic----however I have been exposed to the bible and various protestant churches in my youth---anyhow I scored 80 on the test which makes me a progressive, but have no idea what that means vis a vis studying the bible?

Johnny B said...

I'm pretty much a nonbeliever, but I took the quiz (for the hell of it, ha ha) and got an 85, meaning I'm a "progressive" on The Hermeneutics Scale.

What this means, I have no clue. But I like "progressive". It's so much more forward-thinking and positive-sounding than "regressive"...

Patty said...

Hi Roger -

First of all, I like you blog. It's really interesting and provocative. I took the test (and am a believer, by the way) and scored as a "Moderate", which I believe is pretty accurate.

Interesting test, thanks for posting it.