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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Walk-Off Balk

There's this fun website Win Expectancy Finder that determines the likelihood that a baseball team with a lead of X in the Y inning is likely to win the game.

I discovered it in a conversation in salon about one game in which a team with a five-run lead in the sixth inning stole a base. The losing team seemed to think that this was somehow unsporting and (allegedly) threw at a subsequent batter. The WEF shows that a team with a one-run lead in the eighth inning was statistically more likely to win the game than the team in the first scenario, yet no one would chastise a team up 3-2 to try to pad its lead.
I have a Google alert for Roger Green. What I get a lot of is the Brett Favre drama, with NFL commissioner ROGER Goodell arbitrating between Favre and the GREEN Bay Packers.
I understand why teams play preseason football games. What I don't know is why anyone WATCHES them, let alone thinks they're significant. It's August; football weather requires at least a sweater. At least when they play hockey in June - another anomaly in my mind - it means something.
Synchronized librarians.
I haven't tried it yet, but I'm intrigued by this guy who you call up and he writes your life story. On a postcard. Any of you done this?
We had an intern this summer, and she said that this website "captures the essence of Roger". I think that's good thing.
It pains me, it really does, for tI used to ban the very mention of her name from this blog: I've begun to see Paris Hilton in a more positive light.
Local artists make good. Including one I know.
The Psychology of Color.



GJG said...

I have heard rumors that the synchronized librarians drill team will be participating in the Pasadena "Doo-Dah" parade this year, any truth to that?

Gary (aka old dude)

Chris Black said...

I've had to dramatically revise my opinion of Ms Hilton.

But was it her idea, do you think , Roger?

Roger Green said...

Gary- for an old dude, you're pretty funny.
Chris- interesting question. But even if it was all written, she played it well