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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Q is for Quadricentennial

Q turned out to be one of the easier letters for me, for 2009 marks the 400th anniversary of a trip taken by Henry Hudson which directly led to the founding of Albany, NY, where I've lived for the past 29 years. In 1609, Hudson was looking for an easterly passage to Asia, commissioned by the Dutch East India Company.

After crossing the Atlantic Ocean, his vessel, the Halve Maen (Half Moon), after first sailing down to the Chesapeake Bay with a sister ship, eventually traveled into New York Harbor and proceeded up what is today called the Hudson River. It made it about 150 miles, as far as what is now Albany before he was forced to turn around by waters that were too shallow. He realized that the river that would come to eventually bear his name was not a westerly passage to Asia.

Eventually, on the western shore, a settlement was established in what became the cqapital of New York State.

But this is not just a celebration of one city but of an entire region. Check out this site, or better still, this one for a list of events during the upcoming quadricentennial year. Also, check out this video, which will explain things somewhat.



Rinkly Rimes said...

I think he'd have been proud of it 400 years later!

antigoni said...

Excellent post!

Suburbia said...

I have learnt so much today on my ABC quest!!

Liz Hinds said...

Things have changed a bit since Mr Hudson's day!

Richard Lawry said...

I loved reading about the early explorers of our country when I was in school, (a long time age). Thanks for the post.

An Arkie's Musings

Anonymous said...

So that's who did it! Forgive my ignorance, I'm just a Brit! ;)

I'm always amazed at how intrepid these old-world explorers were, and how fragile their ships seemed to be.

Thank you for taking part in ABC Wednesday! Hope to see you again!

Powell River Books said...

I love history. I visited New York once, but my husband grew up in Rome. I invite you to come take a ride on my quad into the Powell River, BC, back country. - Margy

earthlingorgeous said...

WOW! Congratulations on the 400 years! I had my jaw drop when you said Q is the easiest for you! It such a hard letter!

By the way, maybe you would like to join my bloggy anniversary giveaway :)


Bear Naked said...

I am QUITE late this week visiting your blog.
I was feeling QUEASY yesterday.

Bear((( )))