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Saturday, November 29, 2008

QUESTIONS about Shopping

It's oft quoted that consumer spending is the lifeblood of the American economy, comprising of 2/3s or 70%, depending on who you ask, of the economy. It's also well established that the Christmas season time of the year when retailers and services historically expect to make it into the black.

Will you spend more, less, or just as much on Christmas as you did last year?

Has your shopping been affected by social concerns such as trying to buy locally or buying fair trade items, such as the toys at Green Living?

Do you worry about buying gift cards that will be worthless if the company folds?

Are you concerned about too much stuff?

My answers: less, yes, yes and yes.
If you're interested in equine-related stuff, you might want to check out Silver Horse Studios; not only is it local to me (Catskill, NY), it's the business of Eileen and Mario Bruni. Mario was the eweell-done but ultimately ill-fated Mars attacks mini comics that FantaCo put out in the late 1980s.

The niece's next gig - niece on the right.



Anonymous said...

1. Less.

2. No. Never thought about it.

3. No. We try to stay away from gift certificates as Christmas gifts to begin with.

4. Not this year. Nigel got far less in the way of gifts for his birthday. I think that was a reaction to the economy. Also, my Mom tends to buy a lot for the kids. Now that my Dad is laid off, that slowed down dramatically. I am not complaining about this either. As stated in question one, we are spending less on gifts, so I expect the same, and don't want to see family and friends getting into financial trouble to buy gifts. So back to the question, since we are receiving less, our problem with too much stuff starts to get better.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to squeeze by without spending a dime. Of course, that's a bit of folly, but worth it in the end since that approach will help me to spend less in the first place.

btw, I tagged you Roger!