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Thursday, November 27, 2008

What are YOU doing on Thanksgiving?

From the BLS: What activities do you have planned for this Thanksgiving? Perhaps cooking and enjoying a meal with family or friends, playing sports or watching sports on television, doing volunteer work, or shopping? Here’s a look at some BLS data behind those Thanksgiving scenes.

For me:
Cooking? Perhaps a little, but I'm at my in-laws, so it'll mostly be table setting and clean up.
Meal - yes, most definitely. I don't know why I don't have turkey at other times of the year. I LIKE turkey.
Watching sports - maybe; if my father-in-law is, then I am.
Doing volunteer work - actually I had planned on having done that already by helping move furniture around the church on Monday for the EQUINOX Thanksgiving dinner in Albany, but then my daughter got sick with pink eye, the scourge of day care centers everywhere, and that plan went out the window.
Shopping - not if I can help it. Shopping on Thanksgiving Day should be limited to buying forgotten cranberry sauce. And NO ONE loathes shopping on Black Friday more than I do. Though online shopping is not out of the question.

The American Farm Bureau Federation tells us that the Classic Thanksgiving Dinner is Still Affordable. For those of us lucky enough to still have jobs, I suppose. For which I AM thankful.
The presidential cookie poll.



ADD said...

Wife is cooking...I had thought we would maybe get reservations somewhere this year, but she really wanted to cook. It'll be better that way, anyway. Hope it's a good day for you and yours, Rog!

Anonymous said...

I'll be watching my hometown Lions lose to the Titans. And enjoying time with my wife's family, along with the eating. I personally won't be doing any cooking. That is something that everyone should be thankful for.

Hope your family has a wonderful holiday, Roger!

Demeur said...

Happy turkey day Roger.

Watching the Macy's parade right now. Might watch a football game later. We're not far behind you in that department Scott. The Sea Hawks, Huskies, and Cougers did nothing this year. Don't worry the Lions will have their day.

Anonymous said...

Eating! Hope you have a great thanksgiving Roger!

Anonymous said...

Well, I will write comments about thanksgiving in foreign blogs. :D

Nik said...

Alas I miss Thanksgiving. But we did have a good ol fashioned Kiwi barbecue and picnic on the lawn!