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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Three Ramblin' Questions: premiere

Here’s a new feature here at Ramblin’ – it’s called "Three Ramblin’ Questions."
OK, it’s not new. I was inspired by blogger Chris “Lefty” Brown.
OK, I stole Lefty Brown’s idea.

In any case, this month marks the 50th anniversary of "Rock and/or Roll," as a cartoon minister once put it. Rock Around the Clock reached Number 1 on the charts July 9, 1955.
(Yeah, yeah, I know about “Rocket 88” and all that)

About halfway through the Rock and roll era, one (or two) of my favorite songs about rock and roll came out on Neil Young’s Rust Never Sleeps album. (And neither do I 'cause it's too darn hot.)

So, please tell me:

1. Will rock and roll ever die, or is rock and roll here to stay?

2. Is it better to burn out, or to fade away?

3. What king or queen of music is gone but not forgotten? (Gone means left this mortal coil, not a downturn in the career.)

BONUS QUESTION: I'll be doing this feature:

a. Every week, religiously.

b. As the muse strikes.

c. Whenever I'm pressed for time.


Roger Owen Green said...

1. With the roots of rock (bluegrass, blues) remaining out there, R&R will also. Whether it will remain vital, I just don't know.

2. If I had Alzheimer's or debilitating pain, I'd rather burn out. Otherwise, fading away is OK.

3. Harrison & Lennon. Melvin Franklin (the deep voice), Paul Williams, Eddie Kendrick, and especially David Ruffin of the Temps. Johnny Cash.

B. To quote Brian Wilson, D. "God only knows."

Roger Owen Green said...

Bruce e-mailed me:

rock and roll is here to stay
it's better to burn out than fade away
Johnny Rotten is gone but not forgotten

thanks for the blog

Mrs Lefty said...

1. I believe that rock and roll is here to stay. I mean as long as we remember the roots we will be all good.

2. Fading away is okay but burning out is so much better. I mean I think the Dead said it so good when they sang "Don't Fade Away." Going out with a bang is so much better.

3. I believe that Elvis is one of the few that is a legend is his own right. I also believe that Janis Joplin was a Queen that is no longer with us, but her grassroots will never be forgotten. For that matter even Jerry Garcia, Duane Allman and many others.