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Saturday, October 29, 2005

3 Halloween ?S

Three questions I wish for you to answer, if you would be so kind. My response will be in reply section.

1. What was the BEST costume you ever wore? The worst? The most embarassing? The one that got you into the most trouble?

2. Do you still have the Halloween spirit? If not, what age did you lose it? Or did it go and come back? (Having children could do that to one, e.g.)

3. Lydia's daycare is having a "Fall Festival" this week. Is this: 1) a sensitive response to people's various belief systems about Halloween or 2) too damn Politically Correct?


Roger Owen Green said...

1. You'll see it Monday. Just a sheet. You'll see it Monday. You'll see it Monday.

2. Working on getting it back.

3. PC

Anonymous said...

1- best costume -tina turner- perfect
hair - best legs - and NO ONE asked me
to sing - FAVORITE costume - long
white sparkly complete with tiara and
over the elbow gloves princess gown-
never had a worst - never get into
trouble - am never embarrassed...
because i had a loving '' made me feel
totally accepted'' DAD .......2- Lost
hallow. spirit when last of my kids
didn't want to trick or treat anymore
THEN it was just a big fat pain in the
ass to go treat other people's kids
and keep the dogs from
3- if daycare is good to lydia for
lydia is not your call ----
blogg mania
has its place

Gordon said...

Here's my answers:

1) Best - Batman (complete with rubber cowl)

Worst - Groucho Marx; so bad that I won "worst costume" at a party

Most embarrassing/Most trouble - can't remember. Sorry

2) Yep. Still got it. No problem handing out candy, getting dressed up, and thigns like that.

3) It all depends - if costumes are cool, then it's 1; otherwise, it's 2.

Mrs Lefty said...

1. Best - Oscar The Grouch.
Worst - Subway Sandwich Man
Most trouble- none

2.I have always had it. Love handing out candy and what not.

3. I think it is a sensitivity thing that is going on now

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