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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sister Rosa

Much of what I've heard about Rosa Parks’ courageous act was contradictory.
Even when I heard it from Rosa Parks.

Rosa Parks sat down in the white section of that Montgomery bus because she was tired from working all day.
The only thing Rosa Parks was tired of was sitting in the back of the bus.

Rosa Parks was a simple seamstress who didn’t know that she would be arrested.
Rosa Parks was a secretary with the local NAACP and had a pretty good idea that she would be arrested.

Whatever the particulars, they do not alter the fact that Rosa Parks’ action, followed by the 13-month Montgomery bus boycott, altered the country for the better.
When I heard Rosa Parks died, I pulled out my Neville Brothers’ album, Yellow Moon, and played the track "Sister Rosa":

Thank you Miss Rosa, you are the spark,
You started our freedom movement.
Thank you, Sister Rosa Parks.

1 comment:

Lefty said...

Amen to that Roger. I am always amazed that how small actions can become the impetus of change.

Yeah we still have a lot of work to do, but that spark that Rosa gave us took a giant step for humankind.

I'm thankful for her gift that I grew up in a household that didn;t treat blacks as second class citizens, that my churches that I went to see all people, no matter of color as children and inheritors of the kingdom of God.