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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Noble Pinter

Harold Pinter has been awarded a Nobel Prize in literature. I realize that I need to note that fact because, in some peculiar way, his observational tactic (or my reductivist understanding of same) has informed how I look at the world. I hear an intriguing piece of dialogue on in an elevator, then the door closes, and I'm thinking "that was very Pinteresque." Of course, the playright imbued the seemingly mundane with magical meaning.

Beyond that, I also appreciate the fact that he wrote many plays and screenplays, most notably for me, the screenplay for the movie The French Lieutenant's Woman. And his fight against political oppression, as well as his scathing criticism of W's invasion of Iraq, warmed my heart as well.

The links will show you far more. For me, this award is, as I like to say, a BFD.

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