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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Ask Me a Question, Pt. 1:WS

You still have until 11:59 p.m. tomorrow to ask me questions about ANYTHING that I promise to answer. But given that baseball's post-season (or "second season", as FOX likes to put it) starts tonight, I feel compelled to answer one of the questions now:

Our first contestant is a scooting gentleman named Scott: Who do you think is going to win the World Series this year? I have no idea, except that it won't be the San Diego Padres. Next question.

Actually, I've been working on a Goldilocks theory, in terms of peaking teams. Too early and the team has a chance of being flat in the post-season. Too late and the team will have used up all of its energy just to get to the post season. Just right teams have been tested, but have a chance to put their pitching in order.

American League:

EAST: New York Yankees- used a lot of energy just to win the division in Game 161
CENTRAL: Chicago White Sox- limped to their division title, more as a result of Cleveland's collapse than anything. They alnmost blew the 15-game lead they had on August 1.
WEST: Anaheim Angels (yeah, I know what they're really called)- seems just right. A good competitive race with Oakland, but resolved before the last week of the season.
WILD CARD: Boston, clinches on the final day. At least they don't have to do a playoff game against Cleveland.

NYY vs. the LAA: Yankee pitching too inconsistent. Pick: the Angels.
CWS vs. Bosox: as beat up as Boston is, I think Chicago is going down. Pick: the Red Sox.
LAA vs. BoSox: This is a rerun of the 1986 series that went VERY badly for the Angels, after being within a few outs of the World Series. Redemption, finally. Pick: the Angels.

National League:

EAST: Atlanta Braves- had a terrible beginning of the season but surged into first place. Peaked a little early, but to their credit continued to play solid baseball.
CENTRAL: St. Louis Cardinals- WAY too big a lead early, cruised home.
WEST: San Diego Padres - they're a .500 team, fer cryin' out loud.
WILD CARD: Houston staves off Philadelphia.

ATL vs. Astros: Probably the best matchup of the four in the first round. I thought Houston would do better in the season because of their pitching, and in a short series, pitching's even more important. But the Braves have pitching, too, and they're more rested. Pick: the Braves.
Cards vs. Padres: St. Louis is flat, but not so flat that they can't beat the Fathers. Pick: the Cards.
ATL vs. STL: As much as I would prefer St. Louis, I feel that it will be the superior depth of the other team. Pick: Atlanta.

World Series:
Atlanta beats the Angels in 6 or 7. Atlanta wins a WS in a year ending in 5 again.

Note that this isn't what I WANT to happen, this is what I think WILL happen. I really don't like the Braves. I think it's that "America's Team" schtick they have because they're broadcast on TBS. That and the Tomahawk chop.

And while I'm talkin' baseball: I have no pick for the AL MVP- A-Rod, Papi, they both have decent credentials. But for the NL MVP my pick is the pride of Curacao, the favorite player of every Little Leaguer from the island this year, Andruw Jones of the aforementioned Atlanta. He carried the team when Chipper and othes were hurt. I was watching the game many years ago when Bobby Cox pulled Andruw Jones IN THE MIDDLE OF AN INNING for his failure to hustle. The man has definitely grown up.

What are YOUR World Series picks?

(Aside to Fred, No, you can't pick the Mets.)


Scott said...

Sorry to tell you Roger, but I was the one that asked the question. :)

I agree with your choice of Atlanta winning, though I would like to see St. Louis win. I don't think any of the AL teams can beat either the Braves or Cards.

Mrs Lefty said...

I am wondering how one can tell if a bug is dead by just looking at it? Okay strange question I know but hey it is me you know

Roger Owen Green said...

Well, Kelly, if you watch it continually for months at a time and it doesn't move...

Greg said...

I think the Cardinals are going to win. I just think it's their year.

Roger Owen Green said...

I'd LIKE the Cards to win. I'm no Braves fan.