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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Ah, yes, my annual Father's Day ambivalence. On one hand, my wife understandably wants to spend time with her father, who is, not so incidentally, a pretty swell father-in-law. On the other hand, he's been busy with his antique car show on Father's Day anyway. On the third hand, my father's deceased, and I think (know) I'm a little peeved with him because his treatment plan for his prostate cancer, if any, was practically a secret even to his family. On the fourth hand, I'm now a father. (I figure, if I keep going, I'll hit Eight Arms To Hold You.)

Here's a pretty big constant: I wish my father had had a chance to meet my daughter, and vice versa. Lydia and I spend time going over the family relationships; she's gotten it down pretty well. Grandma Green is my mommy. She's seen pictures of my father, mostly the 1999 wedding pictures. At some point, she'll wonder why she's never met him, and I get to tell her about heaven. (Even if one doesn't believe in heaven, I'd think it would be the easier explanation.)

So, Carol went down to visit with Lydia to visit her father yesterday. I stayed home to go to the funeral of a church member, Nancy Vail, and so I can go to the last church service conducted by my old friend Bob Pennock today before he retires. Presumably, Carol and Lydia will be home this afternoon, and I'll get to celebrate Father's Day in whatever way they deem fit.

Did I mention my ambivalence?

But then, before they left, Lydia gave me her present, a paperweight. It's a rock, painted black, with a couple eyeballs, and a black pipe cleaner tail that serves as a flag pole for a little banner that reads "#1 Dad". It's sweet. Really. Guess the day'll be OK, after all.
Tyler Perry on Father's Day and forgiveness.
"Prepare for a marital smackdown, as pastors Miriam and Glen go head-to-head over Glen's cheapskatism. He turns off the AC when passing, and puts their minivan into neutral when heading downhill. Is this consummate chisler going to wreck his marriage?" MY pastors on the 6/16/2007 episode of Car Talk!



Uthaclena said...

Dude! No Ambivalence!!

You're the Father here; centre of the Universe! Adulated by your little rock-painting sweetness! Enjoy it; the ride becomes oh so much more... interesting... as growing-up progresses.

Happy Father's Day!

GayProf said...

I would love to go to an Antique Car Show.

Just sayin'.

Scott said...

I hope you had a good Father's Day Roger!