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Friday, June 15, 2007

TV shorts

Boston Legal has dropped four cast members: Julie Bowen, Mark Valley, Constance Zimmer, and the woefully underused Rene Auberjonois have all been let go from the show, even as it adds John Larroquette. I don't remember so many people leaving a show at once since the last season of Boston Legal's predecessor, The Practice, when Dylan McDermott, Kelli Williams, Lisa Gay Hamilton and Lara Flynn Boyle got the boot, and James Spader was added.
For those who are already thinking about it, the Fall 2007 schedule.
Gordon's right. Mr. Wizard IS a show both he and I watched as kids.
We are assured that Lost won't end like The Sopranos did. I've never seen an episode of The Sopranos, but I'm convinced that Tony is dead; the screen going to black was Tony's demise.
How Kellogg's Limits on Kids Advertising Could Shake Up Industry
The The Hot 100 List


1 comment:

Tom the Dog said...

I read about the cast purge on Boston Legal. Not very surprising, given David Kelley's history of ADD-based hirings and firings. (Here's a new character I really, really like, and who figures promintently in eight episodes in a row. Hey, here's another new character! That last character is fired!) I'm most sorry to see Constance Zimmer go; she had promise, before Kelley relegated her to nothing more than "girlfriend of multiple personality guy".

Still, I have to admit, I'm excited to see Larroquette join the cast. He's so great. (And was great on The Practice, as a brilliant murderer who outwitted everybody, including his own lawyers.) But, speaking of Dan Fielding -- I want my Night Court reunion movie! Before everyone starts dying. Or Markie Post loses her hotness. (Which currently appears will happen approximately... never.)