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Monday, October 22, 2007

Hello, it's me

No idea where I found this:
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I told you I was shy. Why do so few people believe me?
Someone was complaining about my spelling of the word pierogi (as pierogy) recently, even though most sources cite both as correct. It's in that spirit, and in honor of Dictionary Day last week (yes, I missed it, alas), that I share this piece about some other words where the standard spelling is changing:

Besides the last of the Rat Pack guy, whose late-night show I used to watch - Regis Philbin was his sidekick; and that From Here To Eternity woman - still a steamy sea scene a half century later; I noticed the death recently of Vernon Bellecourt, who led the "charge against Indians as sports mascots". More than merely the nickname, the goofy image of the Indians logo has long given me pause. In any case, the Red Sox whomped Cleveland last night, so it'll be Boston who I'll be rooting for against Colorado.
I'm recommending you read Dan Van Riper's October 14 piece on Yassin Aref, who was almost certainly convicted in a bogus FBI operation. On a lighter note, see how ADD discovers he's not five years old anymore and how Scott answers questions posed by, among others, me.

1 comment:

Gordon said...

Hey, I'm an INFJ, and people always tell me, "How can you be so introverted - you're so sociable and outgoing?"

I always have to explain (based on my college psych classes) that introversion is basically a person's feeling overwhelmed by too much stimulation - as long as I prepare and put on a "game face", I'm OK in social situations.

But like you, I am shy. Unlike you, sometimes obnoxiously so.