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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pulling an Eddie Mitchell

The title comes from this post by Lefty Brown, where he defines it as not blog posting as much as you should. In this post, Lefty also wrote: "I want Roger Green to dress up as Cornel West for Halloween...and post a pic on his blog." Ain't gonna happen; not only do I not have the hair, but if I walk around looking like Cornel West, NO ONE WILL GET IT.

And in honor of that: Cornel West on what does it mean to be a leftist; it's only eighty seconds long, unlike some of the other 160-odd pieces about the author on YouTube:

I wrote something nice about the Lefty Side of the Dial podcast - it's somewhere in iTunes - and Lefty hasn't podcast since. I'm feeling almost guilty that I may have somehow embarrassed him. Come back, Lefty!

Oh, and speaking of Eddie Mitchell, he did a video-infested post. I want to discuss two:
The Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun- Julie Brown: Some people seem to think that in a post-Columbine world, it should be banned. I guess I just don't, though I have no good argument why, except for my general disdain for censorship. Also, the line about throwing down "your gun and your tiara" always cracks me up.
Johnny Get Angry-k.d. lang: I saw this at the time it originally aired. It led indirectly to a shared obsession with lang that I had with my ex. Actually, she was even more k.d.-centric than I. Nice memory.

I'm now watching about an hour of TV a day and taping about two; recipe for deleting programs on the DVR, unwatched.

Please vote for Binghamton, NY, my hometown, as pierogy capital. You can vote every day, once a day, through October 23. Yes, Buffalo, the defending champion, is on the list again, and even enlisted some high-powered female politician who's running for President to help in the cause, but, believe me, Binghamton needs it more. What IS a pierogy? For one thing, it's spelled several different ways. For another, it's a "pocket food" that I first had when I was five or six, growing up in a Slavic neighborhood, as I did.

I love adjectives. Here's list of eponymous adjectives and one of animal adjectives.



Gordon said...

First, for a definition (and proper spelling) of "pierogi", check out

Plus, I'm not going to vote for Binghamton OR Buffalo....since here in Chicago, we have much better pierogi.

In fact, we have more Polish people than the capital city of Poland.

EM said...

Okay, first off, you owe me royalties, dude! If you're going to pull an "Eddie Mitchell" then you've got to pay the Eddie Mitchell!

Actually, I'll take the nice link and comment in lieu of other compensation.

Even though I've heard that argument about "Homecoming Queen" (I think Mike S. said something about it in a post a while ago), it didn't even occur to me when I was doing my YouTubing. I doubt it would have stopped me, since I feel pretty much the same way you do.

My favorite line is the one about powder burns on her dress, by the way.

Thomwade said...

I just kill actually manage to kill entire PODCASTS?! :)

Roger Green said...

Gordon- As that link indicated, there are several ways to spell pierogi. Yours actually would be MY preference.
Eddie-the check is in the mail. (Chortle.)
Thom-Lefty says he'll be back, so I'm still hoping.