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Monday, October 01, 2007

Rooting interest

I have to have a rooting interest in every round of the baseball playoffs, now that the Mets went 5 of their last 17 to join the 1964 Phillies, ironically, as team providing one of the most mortifying collapses in baseball.

Cubs - because they're the Cubs
Padres - because my sister lives there
Yankees - because they are a NY team
Phillies - because they deserved to get to the playoffs
Red Sox - 1 WS in 90 years isn't exactly a dynasty
Angels - possibly the best team
Rockies - mostly because I know little about them except that their stadium (and altitude) produces good hitting
Indians - mostly because, when I went to Cleveland in 1998, I couldn't get in
Diamondbacks - they play in the desert.


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