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Saturday, October 20, 2007


A couple weeks ago, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominated these folks to be voted on:
Afrika Bambaataa
The Beastie Boys
Leonard Cohen
Donna Summer
The Ventures
Chic (third year)
The Dave Clark Five (third year)
John Mellencamp (second year)
The results will be announced early next January, with the awards ceremony in March.

1. Who will be selected this year? I'm guessing Madonna, Afrika and the Beastie Boys - I don't think you can pick the Beastie Boys (or indeed most hip hop/rap artists) without picking Afrika; but as to the other two, I really don't know. Maybe DC5 and Chic because they're repeaters. Leonard Cohen should be in the Hall as a songwriter, not a singer.

2. Who would you like to be selected this year? For me, Madonna, Afrika, and DC5.

3. There are a number of people, some of whom are listed here (lower half of the page) who've been bypassed for the Hall. Who would you like to see? My picks: Peter Gabriel and/or Genesis, Graham Parker. I also would love to see some consideration to some more commercial bands such as - OK, I'll admit it - the Doobie Brothers.

Oh, and on another topic:

4. What do you think of the FCC plan to ease limits on media owners?



Scott said...

I don't see anything wrong with the Doobie Brothers going into the Rock Hall. But there have been many other good acts that have been passed over that still make me shake my head. Obviously being a progressive rock fan, I can't believe that a band like Genesis hasn't made it. And Peter Gabriel should be in there on his own, too. I also would like to see my two favorites get elected (Yes and Rush), however they have been so long looked over that there is no way they ever will. It kind of defeats the purpose of the Hall in my opinion.

As for this year, I don't see how Madonna won't be picked. And I am sure the Beastie Boys will make it, too. Sadly for me, I have never heard of Afrika, let alone any of their music. Though you made a connection between them and the Beastie Boys, which could explain it. Because I don't like the Beastie Boys.

Roger Green said...

My thought, Scott, was that Afrika was the antecedent of virtually ALL rap, not just the Beastie Boys, but that if the BB get in, Afrika must SURELY get in