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Friday, April 25, 2008

Casting the Movie QUESTION

On NPR last week, their movie critic was casting the movie of this political season.
For Barack Obama, he picked Will Smith , deeming Denzel Washington too old. Smith's movies are often inspirational, he suggested.
For Hillary Clinton, Meryl Streep, who he said played a similar role in the remake of The Manchurian Candidate.
For John McCain, Richard Dreyfus, who played an old senator in another movie.

I think Denzel could still do it, but Will's good. Streep's Streep, but aren't their a number of other actresses of a certain age who could do it? Joan Allen once played the Vice-President, e.g.; the first person to come to mind (as an actress of a certain age, not anything more sinister) was Linda Blair. And while Dreyfus could play McCain, I'd prefer him to play Dick Cheney.

Who would you pick? Also, who should play the "stars" of the Bush administration: W., Cheney, Condi Rice (Debbie Allen came to mind), Colin Powell (John Amos played a general on "West Wing"), Alberto Gonzales? Also Laura and the twins.



Scott said...

Though Joan Allen did a good job playing a brash, loudmouth in "The Upside of Anger", I just don't see her playing Hilary. She seems too gentle to play her. Meryl Streep I think would be a much better choice.

Either Washington or Smith would be great choices. I think Washington has more of the on-screen charisma needed, but Smith has become a fantastic actor in his own right.

Can't think of anyone else for McCain. But after watching Dreyfuss play Sen. Bob Rumson in "American President", he seems like the wrong choice.

GayProf said...

Probably we could cast a good Cheney by turning over the nearest rock and filming whatever slug is living underneath.