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Monday, April 28, 2008

File Under Blackmail Pictures

Every year, I go to Free Comic Book Day, and every year, I get assaulted by some superfolks. This year, FCBD is this Saturday, May 3rd. Hope I survive.

BTW, to prepare for FCBD, I went to this show this past weekend and saw my old compatriots Rocco Nigro, Bill Anderson and John Hebert. AND I finally ran into ADD; he DOES exist! He's written a nice account of our meeting here.
And I even won a drawing for a copy of Iron Man #97, "The Return of the Guardsman". Almost certainly, I owned this comic book once upon a time - all those Marvels with the 30-cent cover price I would have been buying perforce - but without looking inside, I just don't remember The Guardsman at all.



Roger Green said...

That Iron Man comic I won was drawn by George Tuska, who turned 92 on Saturday.
And now that I actually READ the story, I do remember it.

GayProf said...

I wish that I could dress like a superhero...

Gordon D said...

Um, did you happen to get the Scarlet Witch's picture?

I think she's kinda cute.