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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Jello Shots

Tom Lehrer, who turns 80 today, is widely credited with inventing Jello shots; i.e., replacing half the water with distilled liquor.

Oh, yeah, he also did some nifty songs, from Poisoning Pigeons in the Park (1953), which I have on a Dr. Demento album:

To the exquisite Vatican Rag:

To 'Silent E' from "the Electric Company:

My suggestion: go to Evanier's page, type Tom Lehrer in the search mode. 15 of the 16 hits prior to today will be Tom Lehrer videos, and I'd be surprised if there weren't one or two more to celebrate the occasion. Then go here and check out the lyrics.

Here's an interview from 2007 from whence I stole the image above. To paraphrase the great Tom Lehrer, "When Mozart was my age, he had been dead for 20 years."



Uthaclena said...


Actually, Tom Lehrer was perhaps my first exposure to social commentary in the form of parody, including "National Brotherhood Week," "Who's Next?," and "Pollution." Also the forerunner of the political satire later seen on the Smother's Brother's Comedy Hour and their memorable contentions with CBS.

Gordon said...

Also love Lehrer, after being first introduced to his work right after high school...

...and of course, you forgot the Boy Scout Theme "Be Prepared", as well as the indelible "masochism tango"