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Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Lydster, Part 49: Skills

On Lydia's birthday last month, I measured her: 3'8" or 44 inches. Her mother weighed her on the bathroom scale: 46 pounds. Then the next week, the doctor took her vitals for her four-year checkup. 44", 46 lbs. 0ur wall chart and scale meet medical standards.

For her birthday, we had a little party for her with her maternal grandparents, one of her uncles and aunts and two of her cousins. She was uncharacteristically cranky; I mean she can be cranky, but usually only to her parents at bedtime (and not that often). Actually, she was sobbing uncontrollably for reasons I didn't understand, other than fatigue. So I got one or two of her stuffed animals, they talked to her, and she was fine. My wife said, "You've got skills." I said, "You seem surprised."

One of the things Lydia got for her birthday was a ball and bat. It's not a Wiffle ball, but an OBall, with a bunch of the letter O glued together in a spheroid. BTW, Fred Hembeck will be pleased to know the colors of the ball are orange and blue, the Mets' colors. She likes to hit. While I tried to rig up some T-ball-like arrangement, she prefers me to pitch to her. And though she writes and throws right-handed, she seems to prefer to hit left-handed. She likes the pitches low and inside, though she does OK low and a little outside as well. Perhaps she's got skills.



Uthaclena said...

You'll find your skills increasingly valued as she enters adolescence!

Rose DesRochers said...

Just wait to she hits those teen years. You may not have skills then.