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Friday, August 26, 2005

3 Erudite ?s

School has either begun or is about to begin for America's schoolkids. Two recent stories in the news caught my attention: 1) a real backlash in some states against ever-earlier start dates to the school year, and 2) a call in some quarters to quit the middle school model and go back to the K-8 system.

So, please let me know:

1. When does school start and end in your school district? Do you think it's too early, too late, or OK?

2. Do you think middle schoolers would be better served by the K-8 model? Why or why not?

3. What did you most like and hate about school as a 12-to-15 year old?


Roger Owen Green said...

1. Labor Day to Father's Day, roughly., which is fine.

2. I hadn't heard about it until I saw a story about it on ABC News this week or last. Worth finding out more.

3. Like: math (esp. algebra), music, history, English (but not my English teacher), 9th grade gym. Dislike: wood and ceramic shop, 7th and 8th grade gym (teacher was fascist).

Mrs Lefty said...

1. We started the 15th of August and go to the first week of June. We do take three weeks off at Christmas time because of having so many students whose families go to Mexico for the holidays. I don't know it seems okay but it does get really hot in the classrooms during the hot days of summer.

2. I am on at 4th through 8th grade campus and it seems pretty good. The only bad thing is that the 8th graders really get attitudes that really should not be seen by the younger students. I think that it would be good in once sense because then they might have to be used as models. Also the older students could be used as a helper in the younger grades and it could help give some of the students motivation to be something more in their lives.

3. I hated gym, bible class(went to a Christian High School) and also math. I love my science classes and even had the chance in Physiology my junior year to disect a cat. It was so cool.