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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Cindy Sheehan is alive & well

A whole bunch of rallies yesterday, all in the name of Cindy, still camped out in Crawford. The mother of the late Casey Sheehan is the cover story in the Albany newsweekly Metroland. Will any of this change American policy in Iraq? Maybe not in the short term. But as American casualties mount (59 U.S. fatalities in August 2005 at last count, and we won't even talk about the Iraqi deaths, and with the Kurds threatening to pull out of the Iraqi government, one continues to get the feeling of the q word: quagmire.

When the war started in March 2003, I predicted that there would be an independent Kurdistan within five years. The "no-fly zone" enforced by the U.S. and U.K. between 1991 and 2003 created essentially an independent Kurd state. I'm inclined to stick with my prognostication.

Still, I wish I knew the solution to the mess that W hath wroth.


claire doyle said...

We had a vigil down here in Durham, NC for Cindy. The local paper said about 430 people showed up, but others think it was closer to 700. There have been vigils in Durham every saturday since before the war started.

Roger Owen Green said...

Vigil in Albany, too. At least 400 participants. Still, I can't see how this ends without making post-Vietnam seem like a picnic. It'll be years, if ever, that a national Iraqi govt can stand on its own. The chicken hawks want to "stay the course," some folks want us to declare victory and leave - either choice will rupture the country, I fear. Which is why I opposed the folly in the first place.

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Roger Owen Green said...

You've probably heard that Cindy went home to tend to her mom.