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Saturday, August 13, 2005

3 Ramblin' ?s-Music

This was inspired by this posting by Steve Gerber.

Please tell me:

1. What music do you play when you feel good, happy, or want to feel that way?

2. What music do you play when you're down, melancholy, or want to feel that way?

3. What music do you play when you want to irritate your neighbor, your housemate or anyone within earshot?


Roger Owen Green said...

1.Usually needs a prominent bass line. Keep On Runnin'-Spencer Davis; Cool Jerk-the Capitols; some EWF, S. wonder, funk. Also Got To Get You Into My Life-favorite Beatles song for this purpose.

2. Sour romance: Sweet Bitter Love-Aretha; First Night Alone w/out You- Jabne oliver; esp. Gone away-Roberta Flack; Stay w/Me-Lorraine Ellison. Sometimes, add Remove This doubt-Supremes.

Other melancholy-Crying-Orbison/lang; Harvest Moon-N Young; adagios by Albinoni and Barber.

3. I broke up w/ someone who hated Philip Glass. I played a lot of P. Glass.

EM said...

1. 80's pop is usually pretty good--The Go Go's and Cybdi Lauper expecially. Alot of really cheesy Latin pop also works for me. Emmylou Harris goes with any mood I've got or want.

2. Linda Ronstadt--Either the Simple Dreams or Prisoner In Disguise albums, although Hasten Down the Wind is also good. Janis Ian ("At Seventeen"), lots of John Prine, and Harry Chapin. (Those last three come courtesy of living for over a decade with my partner, Keith.)

3. It drives Keith crazy when I play a lot of world music--any variety, any country. I tend to take those CD's to the office to play. He's not too wild about the Ditty Bops either.

Eddie Mitchell

Scott said...

1. Usually something upbeat. But even so, just anything that I really like. Usually Yes, Rush, good jazz, etc. Sometimes bands like Deep Purple and Aerosmith help me get through work, especially when I am busy.

2. Something slower or darker. Pink Floyd or similar bands/artists. Sometimes progressive jazz (noise to some).

3. Usually anything that I like is good enough, just gotta play it loud. Though my wife likes half of what I listen to, so I have to be more selective there. ; )